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Yoga and Meditation

Below you will find information about our Yoga and Meditation Classes

All of our classes are FREE of charge and open to anyone of any level of student. Donations for the class will be gladly accepted and appreciated but not expected. They help to support our Yoga program so that many who cannot afford paying.

There will be no Yoga class on Sunday Nov 17th 2019. 
The Monday Nov 18th Chair Yoga class and all following classes will be held as scheduled

First Thursday Hemi-Sync Meditation has been discontinued

Wed 915 AM HemiSync Meditation has been canceled

The Saturday 915 AM Yoga class has been discontinued

We won Best of the Best for 2019!!!


Class Schedule 

Unless otherwise noted above


2 PM Cindy - Chair Yoga
6 PM Cindy - Restorative Yoga
715 PM Cindy - Amrit Yoga Level I
11 AM Janice - Chair Yoga
First Thursday of each Month

715 PM Don - HemiSync Local Chapter Meditation Session has been discontinued

Coming soon 715 PM Yoga, Yoga Nidra class
start date to be announced

1030 AM Cindy - Amrit Yoga Level II

Amrit Yoga Posture Class:  

Our teachers are  trained and experienced in many styles of Yoga that go beyond the postures and into the deeper experience of Yoga Consciousness:  letting go of stress, life’s tensions and struggle in our daily lives.  We have all studied in Kripalu, Sivananda, or Amrit yoga styles.  Come and experience Yoga in the tradition of India. See the following websites for more info:     For more info on Amrit Yoga and videos of our Teacher Amrit Desai   Info on Sivananda Yoga and good guidance on Yoga in general   Swami Sivananda's original Yoga Organization. Excellent site for downloading many free Yoga books on a wide range of topics

Hemi-Sync Meditation:  

A meditative class that takes you to a Yoga Nidra meditative state that the Monroe Institute refers to as Focus 10, body deeply relaxed and asleep, Mind and Consciousness wide awake and alert.  We use relaxation techniques and special Hemi-Sync sound frequencies with headsets and the comfort of air mattresses to enter a deeply meditative and rejuvenating state of mind. We use this Focus 10 state to expand and explore our Consciousness and Awareness.  for info , videos, and more info on Hemi-Sync

Restorative Yoga

A class designed to “restore” a sense of balance, peace, and well being, physically and emotionally by placing and holding our bodies in supported, relaxing postures so we can really learn to let go, quiet and calm our racing minds and soothe and release our tense tight muscles.  The object is to fully support the body so that the mind and nervous system can relax.  To relax is to rest deeply.

Chair Yoga:   

Chair Yoga would be helpful to any one wishing to try another way of bringing Yoga into your life.  Chair Yoga is a gentle yet powerful yoga style modifying Yoga Postures by either sitting in a chair or standing using the chair for support.  Like any yoga class it will help improve strength, flexibility, and balance. Movements are uncomplicated and easy to learn and is adaptable for all ages and fitness levels.

For more information on Amrit Yoga go to the following link:

For more information about Hemi-Sync and 
The Monroe Institute go to 
our Hemi-Sync page on this website 

If you  have not been coming regularly to classes or do not receive our e-mail updates - PLEASE CALL TO CONFIRM TIMES

Cost:   $0 a class 
donations will be gladly accepted but NOT expected

FREE Yoga Classes

ALL of our Yoga and Meditations classes have been offered now free of charge since December 2010.  We intend to offer our classes free for as long as we are able, which will be for quite sometime to come.  

We have always thought that Yoga has never represented a "business opportunity" for as long as we have been practicing and teaching Yoga. Yoga is a blessing and a gift that we wanted to share with everyone.  We offer the Yoga and Meditation Knowledge that we have been fortunate enough to learn from many Masters and give the same experience to everyone who has a desire to learn and expand their Consciousness. 

Come l
earn deep relaxation, flexibility, and deep breathing techniques. Beginners to Advanced Levels of Amrit, Sivananda, Hatha, Raja, and Meditative Yoga classes.

ALL classes are FREE of charge to everyone!!!


All classes are adaptable to all level of students from beginners to advanced Yoga student of all styles. 

Classes have been ongoing since 1993. You can join at any time and continue for as long as you desire or come for one class.

In our classes you will learn a safe beginning practice of Yoga exercises, breathing techniques, a complete relaxation procedure and meditation. Class discussions include how to use the techniques to manage stress reactions, how to schedule daily Yoga practice into a busy lifestyle, how to complement Yoga practice by eating healthier foods, and some basic concepts in Yoga philosophy.

Our students typically report these benefits:

  • · More energy for the important things in life
  • · Improved muscle tone and limberness
  • · A greater sense of well-being
  • · New stress management and relaxation skills
  • · Improved sports performance
  • · Better ability to concentrate

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More Information on Yoga:

The following is at the heart of our Yoga practice and teachings that we have integrated into our personal practice. Use these Seven Principles to take you own Yoga to a deeper level that the usual "Exercise" Yoga that is available to the general public. 

Seven Integrative Principles of Amrit Yoga


Amrit Yoga teaches you to learn integration of all limbs of Ashtanga Yoga from the very beginning. Even though in the earlier stages, the attention is on the practice of physical postures, you begin to cultivate the internal focus that includes pratyahara and dharana. It is this internal focus that leads to greater awareness and energy in your daily life. In later stages, you deepen your practice by integrating pratyahara, dharana (concentration) and Dhyana (meditation), the components of Raja YogaThese seven principles and the techniques associated with them are what allows the practitioner to deepen their personal growth in. The principles outlined below and the simultaneous practice of all limbs of yoga is unique to Amrit Yoga.


Intention (Yamas and Niyamas) 
A clear intention is made in the form of a prayer before moving into the sequence.


Alignment (Asana)  
 the mind in the precise and proper form and technique of each asana using press points and energetic extensions. This will bring strength, flexibility, and nadi shuddhi cleansing of the energy channel of the spinal chord).


Breath Awareness (Pranayama) 
Breath reflects our inner state. By changing our breath, we can change our internal experience. Specific willful breathing supports nadi shuddhi. Conscious use of breath can pull us out of mental reaction and bring us back into pure body experience.


Inward Focus (Pratyahara) 
Feeling/body awarenessOnce a student knows the fundamentals of correct form and execution of each asana they can begin to focus on feeling the body sensation in the asana and in between poses. Awakening the feeling center is a key component of Amrit Yoga. The feeling center is in the third eye/ Pineal Gland on the back side of the brain stem.


Concentration (Dharana) 
Becoming fully engaged and absorbed in sensation in an unbroken stream of attention. At this stage we use body sensation as the focus point of meditation. Through focusing one-pointedly on sensation without labeling or choosing for or against we are prepared to enter into expanded meditative awareness. This focus is also the first tangible step in Self Observation.


Meditative Awareness (Dhyana) 
In execution of and release in between asana, there is the opportunity to be in the entire experience—fully aware without judgment. This is the experience of witness/meditation—which embraces everything and excludes nothing from our field of awareness. This is where we practice Swadyaya—self observation without judgment.


Integration (Samadhi) 
Integration takes place as we continue our meditative awareness through the second half of the pose in which we allow the energy released in the first half of the pose to grow and expand and be drawn upwards to the Third Eye—the point where all seemingly conflicting forces are resolved in the field of unity. When we disappear, sacred presence appears. This is true integration. Encountering resistances in the body, using the principles outlined above, has a therapeutic effect, returning body and mind to balance and integration.

Below is a wealth of information on the Yoga that we teach in our classes. We teach the Amrit Yoga of Yogi Amrit Desai, our teacher, whose Ashram is located in Salts Springs, FL. ( ) On his web site you can find more information about the source of our Yoga. Please take some time to explore his site for information on books and CDs on Amrit Yoga.

For more information on Amrit Yoga click on link


 We have tried to maintain and preserve our teacher’s and his teacher’s Yoga in our classes. There are many lessons to be learned with this complete style of Yoga. We have built our new Center to further advance the availability of our Amrit Yoga

We have made Yoga and Meditation an integral part of our lives. We have found that it has been an energizing and uplifting experience helping us keep the long hours of concentrated Massage and Holistic Therapeutic work that we do.

We hope that the following information will be helpful to you in making your decision to include or not to include Yoga in your life. If you do decide to attend our classes we will do our best to teach and guide you through your Yoga Experience.

Yoga and Meditation Classes

Yoga for Health

Yoga is a very old yet consistently relevant system of techniques designed to bring into balance all aspects of the body, mind, and personality so the individual can achieve his or her goals for health and personal growth. Yoga is a practical, safe and non religious system that benefits both men and women, regardless of age or physical condition. There are many schools of Yoga described in the traditional texts; the particular type of Yoga most familiar to Americans is Hatha Yoga, which refers to the physical exercises and breathing techniques designed to make the body healthy, strong and flexible.

The Dome Healing Center teaches a comprehensive and balanced program of Yoga that includes the Hatha Yoga exercises, relaxation and breathing techniques as well as meditation. Rather than stressing physical culture for its own sake, our core focus acknowledges the deeper possibilities of Yoga by teaching meditation and by encouraging the inner-directed awareness that eventually leads to greater self-knowledge. This reliance on individual experience and feeling is a central theme in the science of Yoga.

Our goal is to offer the highest quality Yoga instruction possible. In addition to regularly scheduled classes, we plan to offer instructional books and tapes, as well as private instruction.

Founder and Executive Director

Don Murphy began studying and practicing Yoga at the age of 15 in 1968. Over the following years he studied under various Yoga Masters including Yogi Amrit Desai of Kripalu and Amrit Yoga Traditions,Swami Vishnu Devananda of Sivananda Yoga, Yogi Hari of Sampoorna Yoga and Master Charles Cannon. Don is a Certified Amrit and Sampoorna/Sivananda Yoga Teacher and a Certified Synchronicity Meditation Teacher.

The Dome Healing Center was established and dedicated to Natural Healing through Holistic Massage Therapies, Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga and The Monroe Institute Hemi-Sync Meditation.
Don Murphy has  practiced and taught classes in Yoga and Meditation in a clear, classical manner for over 39 years. He has presented Yoga without dogma or prescription, as a useful technique for individual inquiry, stress relief, and natural sources of energy. During his years of study he has practiced and integrated various traditions and programs of Yoga, Meditation and Natural Healing which can be used to enhance any lifestyle. Whether the goal is to maintain health or to explore the nature of the self, his Yoga and Meditation programs can be used to achieve a wide range of goals.

Teaching Staff

Our instructors practice Yoga techniques daily, and are committed to the ethical guidelines of Yoga in all areas of life.

If you have any questions or interest in joining our classes please contact us at the Dome Healing Center at 904-277-3663.


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